Israel and the OECD

Israel's accession to the OECD  

​On September 7, 2010, Israel has signed the OECD Convention and officially became a full member of the Organization. The accession to the OECD was a result of a long process extending over two decades and led by Prime Ministers, Ministers of Finance, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Governors of the Bank of Israel, various Governmental Ministries and Agencies as well as Israel's Embassies in OECD Members States.

Israel's accession to the OECD is of strategic importance to the Israeli economy and to its positioning as an advanced developed economy. Israel's membership in the OECD contributes to the Israeli economy and society in several ways: promoting foreign investments, improving Israel's credit rating, full participation in the formulation of international standards in various fields (education, environment, telecommunications, corporate governance and etc.), implementation of legal instruments and standards and the connection to one of the world's leading research and knowledge centers The importance of joining the OECD is also reflected in Israel's contribution to the Organization and its Member States. Israel leads in providing solutions to global challenges in agriculture, water, energy, information and software technology. In addition, Israel contributes from its knowledge on taxation, innovation and R&D, statistical methods and more. Furthermore, as the only representative from the Middle East, Israel provides the OECD with a broader perspective on economic and social issues and different economic experience.

According to a government decision, a professional Steering Committee to the OECD was established, whose role is to formulate a policy on general issues concerning the work with the Organization as well as serve as a forum for consultation, updates and coordination regarding the current activities of Israel vis-a-vis the OECD. The Steering Committee is jointly headed by the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Finance's Representation at the OECD  

​The Israeli delegation to the OECD is an inter-ministerial joint collaboration, consisting of representatives from three Government Ministries: the Deputy Permanent Representative and Economic Minister, Mr. Ilan Sosnitsky from the Ministry of Finance, and representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Ministry of Finance's Representation in the delegation plays a significant role in the work with the OECD concerning both strategic and management OECD matters and to professional issues that are at the core of the Israeli macro-economic policy.

The Ministry of Finance's Representation primary aim is to leverage Israel's OECD membership by facilitating the identification and possible implementation of economic policies and reforms in Israel, through the support of the Organization, its professional experience, comparative analysis capacities and best practices. Furthermore, the OECD serves as a center of knowledge and professional experience, and a platform for professional dialogue and learning for the sake of identifying appropriate policy recommendations that can be carried out in the Israeli economy.

Among his roles and responsibilities, the Deputy Permanent Representative and Economic Minister represents Israel in the OECD Executive Committee which oversees the ongoing operations of the Organization by preparing decisions for the Council inter alia the work plan of the Substantive Committees and other OECD bodies. Additionally, the Deputy Permanent Representative represents Israel in the Budget Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the Organization biennial program of work and budget (PWB), including the setting of the PWB's priorities and the budget envelope. The Deputy Permanent Representative is also engaged in professional forums and economic committees on matters relevant to the core of Israel's economic policy and to the challenges it faces. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the OECD Employees Provident Fund, a role to which he was elected by the OECD Council as the representative of all Member States.

The Ministry of Finance's Representation serves as a center of knowledge and contact point for professional inquiries upon the requests of different departments of the Ministry of Finance, as well as other ministries, governmental authorities and institutions. The Representation also promotes active participation of Israeli representatives in OECD substantive committees and working parties and works in close professional collaboration with the OECD Secretariat and Member States' delegations.

In addition to the Deputy Permanent Representation and Economic Minister, the Ministry's delegation also consists of a team of two advisors, Mr.  and Ms. Liat Oren, who actively participate in the work of the substantive committees and standing committees of the OECD.

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